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By Michae Moore

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By Emily Hine

The first time I heard The Dalai Lama speak these words was at Seeds of Compassion, a large event I helped organize in Seattle…. The Dalai Lama was on stage next to the governor of Washington at the time, “Western woman” Christine Gregoire, and surrounded by 50,000 enthusiastic attendees (75% Western women) at Seahawks Stadium […]

By Emily Hine

September is World Suicide Prevention month and this month is dedicated to educating people about suicide and suicide prevention. I felt personally compelled — obligated actually — to first write and share this article in September 2014 a month after Robin Williams took his own life. In memory of Robin Williams and other members of […]

By Emily Hine

Imagine you’ve got a food bag filled with energy bars. The energy bars are made of your thoughts and feelings. Now imagine you have two hungry critters living inside you who can only be fed by your energy bars. The first critter is Fear. He’s a hungry little bugger and he is constantly pestering you […]

By Emily Hine

Like many of you, I am constantly striving to be a better person…. Kinder and more loving to other people, and of course, kinder to myself, especially when life gets challenging. One age-old medicine that has helped me — probably more than any other — is compassion. I know it’s strange to call compassion “a […]

By Emily Hine

Today is Desmond Tutu’s birthday! This is one of my favorite pictures from Seeds of Compassion, the project I worked on with the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. These two spiritual souls laughed so much when they were together. Like dear old friends, they knew the secret to love. They didn’t label each other […]

By Emily Hine

“If you don’t find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further.” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi October 2,1869 – January 30, 1948   October 2nd is Gandhi’s birthday, and this is one of my favorite quotes from him. Some people will say that Gandhi does not deserve […]

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